Monday, April 27, 2009

Tournament II

I hosted another Danish Starcraft tournament. It was not quite the success that the first one was, but still okay. In the four games I played I played really badly in two. Going up against a guy who randomed on NeoMedusa was a disaster. Playing a terran who did not fast expand on Destination was slightly better, but still pretty bad.

In my third game – a return match against RushFlush – I felt I ought to win that game if I should win any games at all. I did win, but it felt badly as well. Apparently RushFlush encoutered some sort of glitch in the game that game me the upper hand at a critical point of the game. A win is still a win, but my win against him in the previous match felt way better.

Finally I ended up against Avi-Love, the winner from the first tournament, and I was so badly outclassed that it was not even funny. He has close to perfect mutalisk-micro and raped me badly. And he was random so I could not fast expand and turtle as I would normally do against a Zerg.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

So I also Suck on Camera

So 1pq aka Michael had promised to help me out with my play. Do an FPVOD he said and let me look at what you are actually doing when playing. So we played and I recorded everything (replay here).

I even made a nice little teaser video about it in the previous posting. But what about the FPVOD? After about 3 solid hours of transcoding the movie I am ready to present the 1pq vs. FafnerX FPVOD. A 36 minute game on Destination. Enjoy.

(Movie parts: 1, 2, 3 and 4)

I know we are both amateurs and that I am barely a iC Cup D level-player, but it is still a game with a lot of action. I’d appreciate constructive criticism. Remember: It is not very useful to be told that one should have had for instance carriers at one point, when getting them would obviously have led to a loss a lot earlier.

In this game I realize that I could have won quite early simply because Michael did not make enough units early on. I, on the other hand knew that he had the resources to be well defended, so how should I have known he was not? Becoming better is not about being lucky that your opponent plays badly. It is about being able to win when he is good.

I will appreciate more generalized advice on my game flow and so on though. So please help me become a better player!

Oh, and btw. I think that Michael did an FPVOD of his own on this game.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Video Teaser

I have been trying to figure out how to do an FPVOD of my own. Not to demonstrate my skills (‘cause they are clearly lacking), but to see if I can get some useful response. And because I think doing videos of my own is pretty cool, but I wont admit to that in public.

I’ve done a small teaser video while I am preparing a full FPVOD of a game that Michael (1pq) and I played yesterday on Destination.

I know there is a huge list of things I did wrong in this game:

  • I certainly did not pay enough attention to my economy. I had a lot of probes idle for long stretches of time. In my defense: I was very nervous that I would neglect my units so I over compensated a bit here.
  • I did not use hotkeys enough for my units. I think this is a problem and Michael pointed it out after the game as well. The problem is that 0 is my most recent nexus, 4 to 9 is used for gateways (that is not enough by the way). 3 is used for my shuttle and 1 and 2 is supposed to be for my main army. However, in late game battles units and entire control groups tend to die very fast so making new groups on the fly is the isssue.
  • There was a point where I could have attacked and won, but it was mostly because my opponent had neglected to make units. How was I supposed to know? I knew he had the economy to be well defended and I have – in waay to many games – rushed in and lost the game because of it.
  • I could have raided undefended expansions more aggressively with groups of zealots. I should have done that but I remember thinking that the approaches were probably mined. Actually they should have been. I now see that Michael had the mines for it, but just did not lay them down.

Actually I think that many of my points are about me knowing that he could have prevented something I ought to have tried, but in fact he did not. Its like stepping up the meta game a bit. He could have prevented some of the things I ought to have done, but I ought to have known that although he could have, he was way to overloaded to actually do it.

Phew it is getting complicated. Still a nice video though.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Stuff About Starcraft

Receently I’ve started to listen to podcasts while at work. I probably should not confess to that, but so be it. Among those I have enjoyed the most are Day[9]’s small rants and tips about Starcraft. If you haven’t listened to them yet, go do it now. His latest rant is about how it is sometimes useful to drop down to D level, to find opponents that won’t give you too much trouble. I wonder what I should do, when I have enough problems simply staying at D ;-)?

Another Starcraft player RushFlush recommended this NonY FPVOD for the Protoss vs. Protoss. It is pretty good as well and in fact I used it to beat RushFlush recently. It is that good ;-)!

Finally a new version of AdvLoader for 1.16.1 has been released. The launcher looks aweful, but in game the obs mode is awsome and the ability to have live APM in the game has really helped me play better. It is also very educational to watch replays and compare the economy of players as the game progress.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Back when Starcraft was new I hosted a lot of tournaments on my site, and I’ll probably do the same when Starcraft 2 comes out. Just to “warm up” again I had volunteered to host a new tournament for Danes last Sunday.  14 players showed up (which I think is a lot for a small country like mine) and the games were played in an orderly fashion.

The level of play showed by the players were very different (at one point I played a 350 apm guy). The tournament system I had decided on was a swiss style tournament rather than single elimination, so every one got to play 4 games.

My first game was against RushFlush: A guy I have practiced against a couple of times. Last time I played him in a friendly we went Protoss vs. Protoss on Destination and he crushed my dark templar rush with no trouble. We met each other again on the very same map and this time I won with his very own build! I felt so proud!

The next three games (2, 3 & 4) progressed pretty badly though, so overall I still suck badly. Fortunately the tournament overall  was a huge success, so maybe my future in Starcraft is more in administration than in gaming :-(.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

I’ve had enough

I’m furious and I have had enough of this sh!t. I keep thinking that I am steadily improving and then I play a game so badly that I totally embarrass myself. I even won this one game and yet when I ended up in chat I had to scream at something to get my frustrations out.

StarCraft 2009-04-03 21-11-56-42

Basically I played Protoss (as usual) against a random, that ended up as zerg. I hate playing against random race players, as I usually have an opening prepared for each match up. So I had to two gate a zerg on Python rather than a fast expand.

My opponent claimed that this was his first game in two years and he played really badly, so that was probably true. Most of the game I had him contained to two bases and I owned the map. Yet it took me 32 minutes to finish him off and I had to loose my main 3 times due to doom drops.

I think I suck at striking the right balance between being careful when ahead and actually using the advantage I have. In this case I pressed my advantage too much and was wide open for drops in my main. Not once, but three times. Yuck.

As a bonus I have another game here, that StarCraft 2009-04-04 12-29-13-08shows the exact same thing although I feel it played out just a little better. In this case I scouted my opponent going hydralisks and prepared for that. When he a little later switched to mutalisks he got to rape my main and my natural expansion for free.

All in all it was a better game though and there were a lot of other things I did right. Realizing that dark templars are quite powerful early on vs zerg for instance and that you can do without observers for a while :-).

Oh and I think my new favorite unit is the archon.