Tuesday, June 28, 2011

AiurAdun Back on Battle.Net!

Seriously! You have friends who play Starcraft and their companionship is huge part of what keeps you interested in the game. And AiurAdun is one of my oldest Starcraft-friends.

Lately he has been traveling a lot. I like that as I too like to travel the world. But the problem of travel is that it disconnects you with the online community of Starcraft and suddenly you feel that getting back on the horse is kinda difficult. People have gotten better and you have lost your skills.

I think AiurAdun is in that spot now and I want the online community to encourage him to get back in the game and become part of the community. In an active form.

I know that you may not personally know AiurAdun, but I am sure that if you are reading this you too have friends who you’d like to share your passion of the game with. Let this be an open invitation to all who find the world of Starcraft hard to keep up with: We want you back on Battle.net!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Multitasking Trainer

I’ve been lazy today and not played any 1v1s. Instead I have tried a couple of attempts at beating the multitasking trainer map. Its annoying to say the least. Especially since I don’t multitask well enough.

Basically the map challenges you to do three mini games at once.

  1. You need to keep a probe alive on an island while it is being chased by a zergling.
  2. You need to build a transport and pick up a high templar on another island.
  3. You need to defend your base against an attack from a Terran base.

And while doing all this you need to spend your minerals and your “macro” energy (in my case on Mules/scan).

In my third attempt I succeeded in completing the map on easy. My APM was 128 on average over the course of the 18 minutes it took me to complete the map. I’m sure that playing this map is a good exercise, but it feels way more stressing than actually playing.

Especially the part of the map where you have to keep your probe alive. It seems that you spend way more time at that, than you would in a real game. Managing your base is fun. Picking up the templar is fun, but keeping a probe from being eaten is not fun. And in a real game I’d let it die in a heartbeat and concentrate on something important.

Still, getting stuff done is a challenge and I suppose it helps you become faster.

Thursday, June 2, 2011


Sorry for being absent for a while. I’ve been busy and not playing so much, but have have been playing a little. And I have also collected some data about my games and I think is interesting:

TvT Win%: 63,3 (30 games)
TvP Win%: 54,8 (42 games)
TvZ Win%: 54,5 (44 games)

Xel'Naga Caverns     Win%: 50,0 (14 games)
The Shattered Temple Win%: 62,5 (16 games)
Metalopolis          Win%: 50,0 (20 games)
Scrap Station        Win%: 63,6 (11 games)
Delta Quadrant       Win%: 52,6 (19 games)
Shakuras Plateau     Win%: 62,5 (16 games)
Slag Pits            Win%: 00,0 (1 games)
Backwater Gulch      Win%: 73,3 (15 games)
Typhon Peaks         Win%: 33,3 (3 games)
Tal'darim Altar LE   Win%: 00,0 (1 games)

Xel'Naga Caverns     v T - Win%: 33,3   (3 games)
Xel'Naga Caverns     v P - Win%: 100,0  (3 games)
Xel'Naga Caverns     v Z - Win%: 37,5   (8 games)
The Shattered Temple v T - Win%: 100,0  (2 games)
The Shattered Temple v P - Win%: 40,0   (10 games)
The Shattered Temple v Z - Win%: 100,0  (4 games)
Metalopolis          v T - Win%: 50,0   (4 games)
Metalopolis          v P - Win%: 20,0   (5 games)
Metalopolis          v Z - Win%: 63,6   (11 games)
Scrap Station        v T - Win%: 75,0   (4 games)
Scrap Station        v P - Win%: 75,0   (4 games)
Scrap Station        v Z - Win%: 33,3   (3 games)
Delta Quadrant       v T - Win%: 50,0   (6 games)
Delta Quadrant       v P - Win%: 71,4   (7 games)
Delta Quadrant       v Z - Win%: 33,3   (6 games)
Shakuras Plateau     v T - Win%: 60,0   (5 games)
Shakuras Plateau     v P - Win%: 62,5   (8 games)
Shakuras Plateau     v Z - Win%: 66,7   (3 games)
Slag Pits            v Z - Win%: 00,0   (1 games)
Backwater Gulch      v T - Win%: 83,3   (6 games)
Backwater Gulch      v P - Win%: 40,0   (5 games)
Backwater Gulch      v Z - Win%: 100,0  (4 games)
Typhon Peaks         v Z - Win%: 33,3   (3 games)
Tal'darim Altar LE   v Z - Win%: 00,0   (1 games)

I find it a little surprising that Backwater Gulch apparently is my best map, but even more surprising that Shakuras Plateau is one of my good maps. I don’t feel comfortable playing that map.

That Metalopolis and Xel’Naga Caverns are my worst maps is no surprise. That’s pretty much aligned with my gut feeling.