Tuesday, June 28, 2011

AiurAdun Back on Battle.Net!

Seriously! You have friends who play Starcraft and their companionship is huge part of what keeps you interested in the game. And AiurAdun is one of my oldest Starcraft-friends.

Lately he has been traveling a lot. I like that as I too like to travel the world. But the problem of travel is that it disconnects you with the online community of Starcraft and suddenly you feel that getting back on the horse is kinda difficult. People have gotten better and you have lost your skills.

I think AiurAdun is in that spot now and I want the online community to encourage him to get back in the game and become part of the community. In an active form.

I know that you may not personally know AiurAdun, but I am sure that if you are reading this you too have friends who you’d like to share your passion of the game with. Let this be an open invitation to all who find the world of Starcraft hard to keep up with: We want you back on Battle.net!


  1. adun toiras!!!!!

  2. Interesting. I hope hes the best Starcraft 2 Player.

  3. I love starcraft man!
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  4. Yeah I have a ton of friends that I play StarCraft 2 with. Without them, I don't think I would ever play lol.