Sunday, May 27, 2012

Mutas in ZvZ

I’m playing an extraordinarily amount of ZvZ. It seems like slightly less that one out of two games are ZvZ. Last season I did badly in this matchup, but due to the high number of games I think I slowly got better at it. This season it is my best matchup.

My standard build is a safe early expand followed up by defensive banelings. Then I drone and tech towards mutas while slowly adding spine crawlers for defense.

Its important to attack with the mutas as soon as the first batch is out and to be prepared for the inevitable roach/ling counter. If you survive the counter, the game is won.



What I don’t like about this is that it feels slightly cheesy. You basically depend on doing knock-out damage with your mutas. Kinda like a lurker drop in Brood War. However, if you do just marginal damage or your opponent has infestors with fungal out, you can still win by playing the game out carefully and transitioning to roaches supported by your mutas.

I think this style has its limits, but since I suck at this game I have until now not encountered many players who can stop this instantly.