Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Great Balls of Fire

My gameplay versus Protoss has progressed to a completely unbearable state. For a while in gold I won approximately 80% of my ZvP games and when I got promoted to Platinum that only dropped slightly. But then I started meeting Protoss player with a seemingly unbeatable strategy: They do _nothing_!

At first I thought my problem was I was too passive and let them probe up too much so I set out to improve my harrasment. It works fine, but make no difference.

Right now most of my games goes something like this: I get 3 bases to their two. I get a nice ball of mutalisks and kill about 20 probes in one of the two bases before they get too many stalkers. Mean while I max out on 200/200 mostly roaches and save up around 5k in minerals and gas. When they move out they usually mostly have stalkers and we meet and my army dies to their limited loses and I max out again. My next wave of units dies for little more return than the first time around. So does my third max-out and then I am out of money and unable to hold back their attack anymore.

I’m a little baffled by this. I’m quite often ahead on upgrades as well and going ultras or broodlords seems to have no positive effect. The feeling I have is that I am way ahead before the first engagement, but when we meet we exchange units at the rate 120 to 30 or so.

I’ve been told I should have 5 bases and even more money. I don’t see the wisdom in that. 2 more bases (as opposed to just two more hatcheries) would either spread my drones thinner or leave less supply for army units. And even if it didn’t and just gave me more money, then I don’t see the point in being able to max out 5 times before dying compared to just 3.

I assume there is some trick I need to discover as pros are not quite this lost to the great Protoss deathball. I just wonder what the hell it is.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Dwight has left the game

I had a really strange game yesterday. When I scouted my opponent base his SCVs were idle in the pattern that they spawn next to the command center. I thought that he was trying to lose on purpose to get down to a lower league, so I started streaming in zerglings to take out his command center.

When it died there was an immidiate “Dwight has left the game”. However the text looked odd and when I hit F10 I was only offered the opportunity to surrender.

So basically he was trying to see if he could get a free win assuming that I would thing the game was over and quitting the game thus giving him a win and me a loss.

It took me about 6-8 minutes to find his floated second command center.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Casual Mondays

Yeah, to some extend that headline is stolen from Day9. It’s where we dick around.

A side effect of the lovely new battle.net 2.0 is a clear lack of community in Starcraft II compared to the old Brood War-days. AiurAdun and I have taken it upon ourselves to do something about it. Step 1 in that plan is to get Danish players to play each other and hang out. For that we have created Casual Monday. A recurring tournament open for all Danish players of all skill levels. People are matched up against those of similar skill levels and no one is “out” of the tournament. We don’t really declare a winner either.



So far we’ve been around 25 players participating which I think is quite a lot. And it seems like people appreciate it.