Saturday, October 15, 2011

Dwight has left the game

I had a really strange game yesterday. When I scouted my opponent base his SCVs were idle in the pattern that they spawn next to the command center. I thought that he was trying to lose on purpose to get down to a lower league, so I started streaming in zerglings to take out his command center.

When it died there was an immidiate “Dwight has left the game”. However the text looked odd and when I hit F10 I was only offered the opportunity to surrender.

So basically he was trying to see if he could get a free win assuming that I would thing the game was over and quitting the game thus giving him a win and me a loss.

It took me about 6-8 minutes to find his floated second command center.


  1. Dwight was a tricky bastard. Next time you will have to check if the minerals are at 100% or if any have in fact been mined :)

  2. Yeh, if you only use the keyboard to leave games you'll know that exiting a won game is a different key than quitting. (

    For future reference, it's "immediate")

  3. I have heard of people typing "has left the game" to try to get cheap wins - but this guy was putting in some extra work. I suppose even if you scout right away, he'll have plenty of time to mine enough for a 2nd CC and get all the SCVs back into place. Glad you didn't fall for it!