Saturday, January 24, 2009

A Series of Defeats

I've now played 3 games against Michael from Redus Gaming and lost them all. The games have been fun though and I think they are fairly equal.

  1. I try a 10-15 gate Dragoon contain and get rolled over.
  2. I try a Dark Templar rush, which fails badly, then transition into psi-storm and pure macro. Then I get rolled over.
  3. I try an early relentless zealot harass, which goes okay, and then I get rolled over.

All games have been played on Othello, which I think favors Terran slightly, but still is an okay map. I have played it a lot and it is probably my favorite right now.

I wish I didn't suck so badly :-(.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Patience for Practice

I've been playing the computer a lot lately. Not because it poses a challenge even when playing against the Entropy mod, but because it provides a willing opponent to practice against.

I practice my APM and multitasking skills. I practice different build orders. How to follow them and how to counter them. I practice timing of when different units are available under different build orders. Its all rather tedious and yet necessary.

I hate the focus on APM, but it is a measurement of how much you do. Regardless of whether it makes sense. I so desperately want my APM to be above 85. I wonder why it is so difficult?

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Fafner plays fellow Starcraft blogger

Yeah so it is official that I played Mike of Redus Gaming and lost a game. He has already blogged about it here. It was a cool game and even though I am sorry that I lost, I still think I can beat him. But I am not so sure that I should play him unless I am at my best.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

To Win a Loosing Game

This game here must be one of my most satisfying 2on2 wins. Especially since I was so convinced that we were going to loose and yet we managed to pull in a win. I admit that our opponents did a lot of things wrong, but still I think we did an amazing job of winning in the end.

We were playing as Yellow Protoss (me) and White Terran (TS-Buzz.) against a similar race-mixup. The map was Python, which I don't like a whole lot, but is an okay map.

SCScrnShot_011009_222424 I was dropped and attacked head on very early in the game. I did okay against this, but in the end it led to me loosing both my natural expansion and my main.

Normally loosing your main early on means that you are game-over, but they lost a lot doing it and we also successfully prevented one of them from expanding for a long while.

When I lost my main I had to play-on with just the top right island expansion. Rebuilding a base on such a tight space is not easy. SCScrnShot_011009_231100 My expansion was also successfully dropped a lot of times and counter dropped by my ally. At some point I even expanded back to my original natural and lost it again. Twice!

My ally did a really good job of keeping the Protoss opponent occupied and almost annihilated his main at some point. But brown Protoss still had two bases running most of the time and red Terran had plenty of tanks all over.


The game lasted for a really long time. About 50 minutes I think, and halfway through my ally indicated that this was about it -- now we had lost for sure. But somehow the game went on with my ally methodically defending his postions and raiding their bases, while I ferried my valiant zealots around bombing red tanks where I could find them.

In the end our Protoss opponent wrote "This game sucks" and quit. So did his ally. Watching the replay it was clear that they had mined out all their bases, run out of money and had no units left. We still had bases producing and a few units. It is the weirdest 2v2 victory I have ever had.