Saturday, January 24, 2009

A Series of Defeats

I've now played 3 games against Michael from Redus Gaming and lost them all. The games have been fun though and I think they are fairly equal.

  1. I try a 10-15 gate Dragoon contain and get rolled over.
  2. I try a Dark Templar rush, which fails badly, then transition into psi-storm and pure macro. Then I get rolled over.
  3. I try an early relentless zealot harass, which goes okay, and then I get rolled over.

All games have been played on Othello, which I think favors Terran slightly, but still is an okay map. I have played it a lot and it is probably my favorite right now.

I wish I didn't suck so badly :-(.


  1. Gonna watch those replays tommorow.

    BwCoach doesn't work with my bw - do you have any tips for that ?

  2. No, I've downloaded bwcoach countless times and it never worked. I think it did once, but patches to Starcraft broke it and no one fixed it in bwcoach.

    But I don't know for sure.