Monday, January 19, 2009

Patience for Practice

I've been playing the computer a lot lately. Not because it poses a challenge even when playing against the Entropy mod, but because it provides a willing opponent to practice against.

I practice my APM and multitasking skills. I practice different build orders. How to follow them and how to counter them. I practice timing of when different units are available under different build orders. Its all rather tedious and yet necessary.

I hate the focus on APM, but it is a measurement of how much you do. Regardless of whether it makes sense. I so desperately want my APM to be above 85. I wonder why it is so difficult?


  1. Love your blog. I'm in same situation in Stc, used to be good macro player about 6 years ago. I've returned just to find I suck. It's really hard to learn everything once more form te beginning ;)

  2. Thanks Jacek. Those are kind words. And yes it is hard to learn everything again.

  3. Err...I know you suck, but I suck harder.. whats APM ? :)

    Just downloaded Dawn of War 2 multiplayer beta today and tried it. Lets just say it shouldnt be a contender for SC2...

  4. APM is Actions Per Minute. I.e. how many orders, selections and hotkey presses you do in one minute of time.