Monday, August 8, 2011

Season 3 Switch

I don’t know why, but starting season 3 I have switched to Zerg. I suppose that completes my journey, that started out with me as Protoss in season 1 (and the last years of Brood War), Terran in season 2 and now Zerg in Season3.

Initially I lost a lot. First I got demoted to Platinum and then to Gold. I assume that I am actually better than that in the long run, but a lot of my loses came from droning to hard. And the further down I fell, the more this happened! I think it is because that in Gold a 1-base play is way more common than in Diamond.


In Gold, people are remarkably polite! Or something.

I find ZvZ fun and fast pased. ZvT a little scary and ZvP puzzling hard. But I’ve stopped falling down the ranks and are figuring things out on my way back up.