Monday, August 8, 2011

Season 3 Switch

I don’t know why, but starting season 3 I have switched to Zerg. I suppose that completes my journey, that started out with me as Protoss in season 1 (and the last years of Brood War), Terran in season 2 and now Zerg in Season3.

Initially I lost a lot. First I got demoted to Platinum and then to Gold. I assume that I am actually better than that in the long run, but a lot of my loses came from droning to hard. And the further down I fell, the more this happened! I think it is because that in Gold a 1-base play is way more common than in Diamond.


In Gold, people are remarkably polite! Or something.

I find ZvZ fun and fast pased. ZvT a little scary and ZvP puzzling hard. But I’ve stopped falling down the ranks and are figuring things out on my way back up.


  1. I've been switching between zerg and random(Diamond). Droning too hard is probably the reason I lose the majority of my games as well. One thing that's helped is just having a couple benchmarks in my head and making a little more army if I know I'm ahead on drones. A terran constantly producing SCVs will have 24 SCVs around minute 5:00, 35 at 8:00 and 42 at 10:00(but it's silly if they haven't expanded at this point). Against one base play, I try to stay a little ahead but throw in some units rather then ending up 30 workers ahead with no army.
    Terran build with constant scv production through minute 10:

  2. I am a big fan of Spanishiwa, but I have noticed that every time he plays a really good pro player, he looses badly. Usually they just attack him while he is droning up, with air weapons. Especially protoss seems to have it easy in that regard.

    Droning is great if you can pull it off. Surprising your enemy even better...

  3. I've actually done quite well the last few days. It seems that I have finally found the delicate balance between making units or not. At least enough to handle the level here in gold. I'm probably not too far from getting back into platinum.

  4. Meh its cool that you switched to zerg, my graphics card broke so I can't play.

  5. Hi Fafner! A few months ago I decided to try doing an SC2 blog and found yours - and have been looking for updates regularly since! I like your reflective style and enjoy reading how things are going for you. If you're interested in a casual guy's perspective and seeing what you helped inspire, please visit my blog at

  6. I'm rocking diamond finally! I play terran but I also considered switching to zerg cause I like droning hard.