Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Getting Better at It

I’ve been a little inactive lately. Initially due to out vacation to the US, but that is – unfortunately – over now.

I still haven’t quite recovered from the fact that I fell from Diamond to Gold after my switch to Zerg. At some point you realize that you are doing something fundamentally wrong and in my case it seems like it primarily has been by trying to play a macro game as Zerg. Either than cannot be done or I just haven’t figured out how to.

The problems have been greatest against Protoss. In the late game Protoss seems close to impossible to beat even when you have a 200/200 army and 5k in the bank.

My reaction have to try different timing attacks and the earlier the attack, the more successful I have been. It works especially well against Protoss that fast expand behind a wall-in.

I’ve even been going back to the 7RR build although I consider that an all-in kinda opening. You end up with 7 roaches, no speed for the follow-up zerglings and only 16 drones mining. With such an opening you pretty much have to win right there or you are left far behind.

Anyways, the result of my tighter openings have been a massive winning streak and yesterday I got back to platinum. I don’t plan to stay there, but whether that is wishful thinking I don’t yet know.


  1. Just go infestors.. :)

  2. I play Terran in Silver and have trouble playing versus Protoss, especially if they turtle up to a death ball. In any engagement, if my army is similar in supply value, their units are stronger. So if I wait for max'd armies, I'll definitely lose. Since I don't have the re-maxing ability that Zerg has, I have to use my mobility advantage to keep my units alive and keep the death ball busy. But I've heard it's hard even for Zerg to re-max with anything powerful enough and in time. Do you think the Ultralisk build time reduction currently on the public test server will help you any?

  3. Hah! I just discovered the patch went live today - looks like the Ultralisk change is in! I'd be interested to see if that helps you at all.

  4. Ultralisks are pretty bad. Now they are bad a bit faster :-). The immortal range-change is bad for zergs and so is the changed neural parasite range.

    I probably just have to step up my game ^^.