Sunday, September 27, 2009

Units that ought not to be in the game

Yeah, this is a rant. Just so you are warned. I know people say that to win with Protoss you just need to 1a2a3a. If that were true, then how come I loose so much? Nah to win with protoss you have to do an enormous amount of stuff and that is just not fair!

Against Terran: Life would be so much easier if they had no vultures. They dart around and kill my probes when they are not busy placing their imba spider mines. They should die. As should their fat cousin the siege tank. Its range is just silly and the game would be more fair if it was not there. Turrets, strictly speaking are not units, but they are unfair and should be nerfed. No detection, a base price of 1500 minerals and 2000 gas. Oh and only buildable as an add-on to command centers.

The Creepy Zerg: They are insanely unfair. Zerglings should have no upgrades at all. They are kind of okay at tier one, but with the speed upgrade they are just ridiculous. Same goes for the later gland upgrade. Mutalisks… It goes without saying that they should go. They are like vultures except they fly. Or maybe there should be a flyswatter upgrade (at Tier 1 mind you) for zealots that would one shot a mutalisk. Defliers and ultralisks. I don’t know which, but one of them have to go. It is insane that Zerg gets to have them both. And if it is the ultralisks they keep, their armour upgrade should go. They are some tough bastards they way they are now.

My Fellow Protoss: Somehow a lot of Protoss units are unfair in the hands of players that are not me. I definitely think that reavers should die. Somehow other players manage to inflict unreasonable amounts of damage with reavers. High templars are much the same. I wish only I got to have them.

And yeah, I know I suck at this game… I sure wish it wasn’t so, but it is.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Zerg in 2v2 on Python

Why do zergs fast expand on this map in 2v2? If I and my partner did not suck so much, it should be fairly easy to punish any zerg for doing that. We have tried and rarely succeed, but I would imagine that other teams do.

Can a mixed team even beat a team of two zergs? If they 5 pool it looks impossible to even block the ramps against two that attacks at the same time. Even if they split up and rush both me and my ally separately it seems hard. Normally I have no problem defeating one zerg 5-pooling me, but having to prepare for two simultaneously attacks is harder. Preparing to help out my ally if he is the unlucky target is even harder.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Correct Gateway Placement

Organizing your base is very important in order to do certain tasks faster. I’ve played a ton of games with an online friend Darkan and his base building looks extremely disorganized.

For instance, in order to build units fast, it is important to have unit producing buildings located right next to each other. On the other hand you also have to make sure that you build in a way to ensure that units are not trapped when finished.

gateway_placementIn the above example I have 4 gateways supported by only 2 pylons. I even have energy range to place a 5th gateway in the top-right corner of the line. Later on I will add a pylon at the bottom to support a 6th gateway in what then will become a 2x3 block of gateways.

This allows me to bookmark all the buildings on Ctrl-F4 and instantly switch to them by pressing F4. This, of course, is mostly for late game as by first 4 gateways are bound to Ctrl-4,5,6 & 7.

The above example works on most maps (this is from Destination), but have problems on maps like Andromeda. The posting seems to have a solution for that wretched map.