Sunday, September 20, 2009

Zerg in 2v2 on Python

Why do zergs fast expand on this map in 2v2? If I and my partner did not suck so much, it should be fairly easy to punish any zerg for doing that. We have tried and rarely succeed, but I would imagine that other teams do.

Can a mixed team even beat a team of two zergs? If they 5 pool it looks impossible to even block the ramps against two that attacks at the same time. Even if they split up and rush both me and my ally separately it seems hard. Normally I have no problem defeating one zerg 5-pooling me, but having to prepare for two simultaneously attacks is harder. Preparing to help out my ally if he is the unlucky target is even harder.

1 comment:

  1. ZZ is the most impossible matchup. They rarely even allow it in pro games. They dont' even have to 5 pool u. If they both go 9 pool your already forced to invest in defenses. If they can't end it then, they will just get their natural and tech to muta/lurk/mass hydra. You'd be so far behind in tech/econ, so your basically fuked even if you defend the initial zerglings.