Sunday, September 13, 2009

Correct Gateway Placement

Organizing your base is very important in order to do certain tasks faster. I’ve played a ton of games with an online friend Darkan and his base building looks extremely disorganized.

For instance, in order to build units fast, it is important to have unit producing buildings located right next to each other. On the other hand you also have to make sure that you build in a way to ensure that units are not trapped when finished.

gateway_placementIn the above example I have 4 gateways supported by only 2 pylons. I even have energy range to place a 5th gateway in the top-right corner of the line. Later on I will add a pylon at the bottom to support a 6th gateway in what then will become a 2x3 block of gateways.

This allows me to bookmark all the buildings on Ctrl-F4 and instantly switch to them by pressing F4. This, of course, is mostly for late game as by first 4 gateways are bound to Ctrl-4,5,6 & 7.

The above example works on most maps (this is from Destination), but have problems on maps like Andromeda. The posting seems to have a solution for that wretched map.


  1. how can i bookmark all the buildings???
    can tell me that??

  2. As described in the posting above. The trick is in two steps: 1) place all your buildings so that they fit on one screen, 2) while having all buildings centered on the screen press ctrl-F4 (or F2 or F3). Now pressing F4 will take you back to your bookmarked position on the map - just where your buildings are.