Saturday, February 7, 2009

You probably can't take him

So I was playing another 2v2 with my partner in crime AiurAdun. Us as white and yellow Protoss against a brown Protoss and a red Terran. I think this games demonstrates my understanding of 2v2s very well. Ie. you have to rush one opponent in a 2v1 situation and if you do that, you'll probably win in the end.

Iyouprobablycanttakehimn this case I zealot rushed the brown Protoss. My ally thought that was a bad idea since he went 3 gate versus my 2 gate build. And AiurAduns respect for my 1337 micro-skills is not that great either. His advice was "du kan nok ikke tage ham" or "You probably can't take him on/out".

It turned out that I could and I am pretty proud of my micro in this part of the game where I think I am quite successful in making my zealots survive. It does help that brown was abysmally bad at controlling his units, but a win is still a win.

After the initial success we then managed to spend more than 35 minutes defeating red. A Terran that has dug himself in and is defending 3 bases is pretty tough although we eventually did take him out too.

When I watch the replay now I can evaluate the cost to my macro-game of doing intense micro in the start. Looking at unit counts I am around 32 halfway through the attack, whereas red is around 45. As I don't loose a lot of units and I think that could easily do a build and massing like red did, it probably cost me around 8 food count in lost attention to my base. That must be improved.

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  1. Hvad siger du til et par spil snart? enten 1v1 eller 2v2- hvis du har makker :)

    Aka på bnet er AutumnRain / sPiKei...
    Eller smid en mail på .. så ka vi fixe en date :D!