Monday, June 13, 2011

Multitasking Trainer

I’ve been lazy today and not played any 1v1s. Instead I have tried a couple of attempts at beating the multitasking trainer map. Its annoying to say the least. Especially since I don’t multitask well enough.

Basically the map challenges you to do three mini games at once.

  1. You need to keep a probe alive on an island while it is being chased by a zergling.
  2. You need to build a transport and pick up a high templar on another island.
  3. You need to defend your base against an attack from a Terran base.

And while doing all this you need to spend your minerals and your “macro” energy (in my case on Mules/scan).

In my third attempt I succeeded in completing the map on easy. My APM was 128 on average over the course of the 18 minutes it took me to complete the map. I’m sure that playing this map is a good exercise, but it feels way more stressing than actually playing.

Especially the part of the map where you have to keep your probe alive. It seems that you spend way more time at that, than you would in a real game. Managing your base is fun. Picking up the templar is fun, but keeping a probe from being eaten is not fun. And in a real game I’d let it die in a heartbeat and concentrate on something important.

Still, getting stuff done is a challenge and I suppose it helps you become faster.


  1. Good to see you like a challenge

  2. it helped me a ton, i think the probe thing does get annoying, but it also makes you realize how active you have to be around the map, If you ever watch a Pro's live stream you will notice they never stay focused on one paticular unit for longer than a few seconds, even in a battle, there eyes are usually elsewhere, like on watching the HUD and building units.

  3. Keeping your early scout alive is extremely important. Pros will leave games sometimes if it dies. I just hold patrol and click 4-7 points until it makes a circle and they will patrol in a circle.