Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Back when Starcraft was new I hosted a lot of tournaments on my site, and I’ll probably do the same when Starcraft 2 comes out. Just to “warm up” again I had volunteered to host a new tournament for Danes last Sunday.  14 players showed up (which I think is a lot for a small country like mine) and the games were played in an orderly fashion.

The level of play showed by the players were very different (at one point I played a 350 apm guy). The tournament system I had decided on was a swiss style tournament rather than single elimination, so every one got to play 4 games.

My first game was against RushFlush: A guy I have practiced against a couple of times. Last time I played him in a friendly we went Protoss vs. Protoss on Destination and he crushed my dark templar rush with no trouble. We met each other again on the very same map and this time I won with his very own build! I felt so proud!

The next three games (2, 3 & 4) progressed pretty badly though, so overall I still suck badly. Fortunately the tournament overall  was a huge success, so maybe my future in Starcraft is more in administration than in gaming :-(.

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