Saturday, April 4, 2009

I’ve had enough

I’m furious and I have had enough of this sh!t. I keep thinking that I am steadily improving and then I play a game so badly that I totally embarrass myself. I even won this one game and yet when I ended up in chat I had to scream at something to get my frustrations out.

StarCraft 2009-04-03 21-11-56-42

Basically I played Protoss (as usual) against a random, that ended up as zerg. I hate playing against random race players, as I usually have an opening prepared for each match up. So I had to two gate a zerg on Python rather than a fast expand.

My opponent claimed that this was his first game in two years and he played really badly, so that was probably true. Most of the game I had him contained to two bases and I owned the map. Yet it took me 32 minutes to finish him off and I had to loose my main 3 times due to doom drops.

I think I suck at striking the right balance between being careful when ahead and actually using the advantage I have. In this case I pressed my advantage too much and was wide open for drops in my main. Not once, but three times. Yuck.

As a bonus I have another game here, that StarCraft 2009-04-04 12-29-13-08shows the exact same thing although I feel it played out just a little better. In this case I scouted my opponent going hydralisks and prepared for that. When he a little later switched to mutalisks he got to rape my main and my natural expansion for free.

All in all it was a better game though and there were a lot of other things I did right. Realizing that dark templars are quite powerful early on vs zerg for instance and that you can do without observers for a while :-).

Oh and I think my new favorite unit is the archon.

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