Sunday, April 26, 2009

So I also Suck on Camera

So 1pq aka Michael had promised to help me out with my play. Do an FPVOD he said and let me look at what you are actually doing when playing. So we played and I recorded everything (replay here).

I even made a nice little teaser video about it in the previous posting. But what about the FPVOD? After about 3 solid hours of transcoding the movie I am ready to present the 1pq vs. FafnerX FPVOD. A 36 minute game on Destination. Enjoy.

(Movie parts: 1, 2, 3 and 4)

I know we are both amateurs and that I am barely a iC Cup D level-player, but it is still a game with a lot of action. I’d appreciate constructive criticism. Remember: It is not very useful to be told that one should have had for instance carriers at one point, when getting them would obviously have led to a loss a lot earlier.

In this game I realize that I could have won quite early simply because Michael did not make enough units early on. I, on the other hand knew that he had the resources to be well defended, so how should I have known he was not? Becoming better is not about being lucky that your opponent plays badly. It is about being able to win when he is good.

I will appreciate more generalized advice on my game flow and so on though. So please help me become a better player!

Oh, and btw. I think that Michael did an FPVOD of his own on this game.


  1. HA I loved it! loved it! loved it! First thing, I think your hotkeying wasn't very likable. I'm sure you can see all the things you could have done as you played.. There's so much more. When you killed my few marines and two tanks, you basically took out my whole army lol.

    I left a few comments on your videos.

  2. I think your second gateway is way to early. I would do it later and start singularity almost immediately after starting first goon. And then keep producing goons until you can afford robotic without cutting units. it usualy works out that way so that u can take out terrans initial rush (in this case being rines tanks as it often is) in that way terran needs to rebuild units. That gives u time to do the reaver thing more efficient.

  3. #Michael: Yeah I know there was a lot of things I did wrong. But with regards to hotkeys: I really only have 1-2 available for units. I use all the rest.

    #RushFlush: That was early on singularity. I try to time range to coincide with my first 5 goons reaching the terran natural. I'm certainly not gonna use it before.

  4. Using 1-2 is fine, but look this video: I've seen you using your building hotkeys but you can and click through them when it's 15 minutes into the game, because by then you should have 6 gateways or something. Also, check out how he takes pains to group his units.

  5. Cool nok game.

    Men du bør øve dig i din multitasking og dine hotkeys.. Prøv f.eks at gå stresse helt amok i de næste 50-100 spil.. Du vil blive ekstremt forvirret, og sikkert tabe de fleste. Men når du langsomt begynder at have noget der ligner et overblik i din frenzy, vil dit overblik, multitasking og apm være en del forbedret når du går tilbage til bare at game din egen stil.

    Hyggehilsen sPiKei