Monday, April 27, 2009

Tournament II

I hosted another Danish Starcraft tournament. It was not quite the success that the first one was, but still okay. In the four games I played I played really badly in two. Going up against a guy who randomed on NeoMedusa was a disaster. Playing a terran who did not fast expand on Destination was slightly better, but still pretty bad.

In my third game – a return match against RushFlush – I felt I ought to win that game if I should win any games at all. I did win, but it felt badly as well. Apparently RushFlush encoutered some sort of glitch in the game that game me the upper hand at a critical point of the game. A win is still a win, but my win against him in the previous match felt way better.

Finally I ended up against Avi-Love, the winner from the first tournament, and I was so badly outclassed that it was not even funny. He has close to perfect mutalisk-micro and raped me badly. And he was random so I could not fast expand and turtle as I would normally do against a Zerg.

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