Sunday, May 3, 2009

Unexpected improvement

These last few days I feel that I have improved my Protoss vs Zerg matchup quite a lot. I’m kind of surprised about it as the trick seems to rather easy: to not make any units!

Two zealots is really enough in most cases for quite a long time in the game. Before I knew that there would come a point in the game where my opponent would have way more units than me and it is not obvious that making less units is the way to overcome this problem.

Fast expand, two zealots to either scout or defend against the zergling onslaught and tech, tech and more tech. It has worked quite well. It sounds simple, but I am surprised.

I don’t win every game now, as I still meet a lot of opponents who quite obviously is better than me, but I last longer and the games does not seem quite so one sided anymore.


  1. Now we know! :)

  2. aahh geez you have been winning games lately -_-

  3. A chance to suck :)

    SC2 beta now open: