Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Terran Fortifications

I have no idea how to handle Terrans in the mid to late game. My statistcs on iccup right now (currently I am 3-3 vs. Terrans) are wildly misleading. First of all: I rarely encounter Terrans and when I do they are often pretty bad. If they just manage to keep up into the mid game I know I am dead.

So what makes them so problematic?

  1. On equal supply, they win. When we both have maxed out our armies, then the Terran will win.
  2. If he can manage to secure an expansion somewhere with a ramp, it is probably his until it is mined dry. A couple of tanks, turrets all around and mines and my only option is carriers. Something he can easily counter with goliaths.
  3. Scouting. If I could just figure out if he fast expanded or did an early two factory attack, it would help a lot. I need to know this before I get observers and he is most likely walled in. I know there are signs like an early siege mode probably means fast expand, but it does not seem reveal itself early enough.
  4. Turrets. Most Terrans at my level build at least 4 to 6 turrets around their main around that finishes about the same time as my drop would arrive. That makes drops largely ineffective, but somehow the cost of 6 f*ing turrets should give me a huge advantage when I do something other than a drop. Somehow it does not give any advantage to me.

I’m at 50% wins against Terrans, but I feel much more comfortable playing against another Protoss and I am only winning about 35% of those games.


  1. Watch some of the replays that you and I have played ;-) Btw. I would love to see some of those longer games that you lose TvP...

  2. Arbiters Arbiters Arbiters Macro Macro Macro Expand Expand Expand

  3. Arbiters and a lot of expansions does not seem to help me when I am maxed out and my opponent is too.

  4. 1. Not if you stasis/storm their units. P can rebuild their army faster than T. Extra minerals go into extra gates, make gates in other mains to prevent T from cutting off reinforcements. 4 gates per base.

    2. This should never happen, you need to have your army out on the map, observers all over the place. T can't do what P does in PvZ where they just warp in 10 cannons and a Nexus, every tank defending that expansion is one less tank to push with.

    If it does happen a recall should take care of the expansion. Early on you can just walk over it with your army, he won't be able to defend the expansion at all unless it is close like on othello or has cliffs for tanks like the bridged base on destination.

    3. Watch the number of SCVs on gas early on, 3 -> 2 fac/fac/port or he doesn't know proper builds, 2 -> siege expo, 1-> FD(1 tank, 4-6 marines, 2 vults with mines), repeatedly puts SCVs on and off gas -> most likely strong FD(2 tanks, 8 marines, 2-3 vults with mines)

    4. If you don't do drops, 6 turrets really do hurt T's economy. Turretrings don't stop recalls. :)

    If he has a lot of goliaths he will have less gas for tanks and less mineral for vultures, goliaths are not that great against zealots and goons.

    P's goal is to keep destroying T's pushes until T runs dry or is unable to reinforce fast enough. Use observers to know when and with what they will push, and when you should attack their push.

    Watch the PvT vs maxed out Terran vod here: