Saturday, May 16, 2009

Protoss vs Protoss

I have never liked mirror matchups. They seem to be the worst games that Starcraft have to offer. I guess it is because there usually is just one right strategy for this type of matchup and it all comes down to execution. Not my strongest quality as a Starcraft gamer.


The above seen is depressingly familiar to me now. I looks like I did not produce units enough, but that is not true. I made them, attacked and lost them one by one. I suck at this. I like my macro – spending time on units is hard compared to this.

On a more positive note: I got to experience the rare feeling of owning a Terran earlier today.

psistormHe quit right after this. He could probably have dragged the game out for another 10 minutes, but when I got the storms of, I knew the game was won.

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