Sunday, May 17, 2009

The goal of D+

I finally made it. After 45 games and with a score of 20 wins and 25 loses, I am now at 2089 and thus officially D+ on iccup.

DPLUSI find it weird that the 45th and final game before D+ was a Protoss vs Protoss on Andromeda and that I won so fast. Basically my opponent tried to break into my base with zealots and dragoons. He had more, but my first reaver had just popped out and his was far away yet. I wonder if he realized the reaver was stuck among my buildings? It certainly was nice of him to move his units into range! I guess it shows that D level players suck. Now I will prove that D+ level players, we suck too!

My quest to this goal started late April 2008. More than a year ago. I have improved a lot since then, but boy did I stink then. Watching some of the old replays and reading my own words is so funny! I wonder how I won a single game last May!

image I guess that Michael now owes me 100 invisible USD. I don’t know how I will collect, but I am looking forward to the cash while I celebrate with some very visible wine. Cheers!

Among the other nice benefits of my new position is that I have moved from #68 to #62 on the list of Danes on iccup. Most importantly is that I have gotten ahead of QDK ;-), although I am not sure he knew I was trying to beat him.

So what are my new goals? Obviously just to stay in D+. I think that is getting tough enough. I’d also like to beat Michael in a series of games and get to play Tom Phoenix, whom I suspect of being a lurker here :-)


  1. Well done... well done. I've transferred the money through the interwebs. You should be seeing it soon... or not see it, it's there. I believe it will be epic when we finally play each other. Can't wait for the series of games.

  2. Well done from me too. While I dont play Starcraft, I do drink wine. Hint hint :)

  3. Congratulations, mate. I am happy that you are well progressing in your practice. I wish you many more future successes. :)

    Sadly, I cannot say the same for myself. My own practice has preety much grinded to a halt, both due to real-life obligations and other activities. But since I am stubborn, I am determined to resume practice as soon as possible.

    Anyway, the fact that you have reached D+ has given me two new objectives: 1. Reach D+ on ICCup 2. Play against you once I manage to do that. :)

  4. Gratz. maybe u should start doing a few VoDs would be cool to see the progress that way as well.

  5. Congratulations man. Would love to see some VOD's as well.