Sunday, May 24, 2009

To Make a Living

I haven’t played much since I reached D+. I blame real life obligations the most, but mainly I’ve been scared of playing. At the start of next season, I want iC Cup to say, that I was D+ last season. That will make C- a much more attractive goal!

As this is Sunday and there is another work-week coming up tomorrow, I wonder what a life living of Starcraft would be like. I realize that I will never be fast or smart enough to live of playing, but could I potentially make a living on the edge of the game itself? In Korea you could obviously become a coach (heh, not for me) or a commentator or probably a journalist in a eSport magazine?

I like to think that I’m pretty good at writing, but would I be good enough at the game, for people to find my writing interesting? Would it require the western world to become as infatuated with eSport as Korea? Could Starcraft 2 potentially lead to that?

Today you don’t really need a spot on TV to become well known. There are services that allows amateurs like me, to make fairly professional broadcasts on the internet? I’m not the daring kind, but I wish I dared make the jump and give up my day-job to work in a Starcraft related function.

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  1. Just make another account and play on that. Maybe you will get to D+ on that too before the season ends. :)