Thursday, May 28, 2009


Okay, so I suck. And I have the age where I have to win based on my preparation rather than my ability to think on the spot. So I research maps and I play the same match-up over and over and I hate when I have to react to something unexpected. Like having a random opponent or playing on a map that I barely know.

On that note I have played 5 PvTs on Othello against Michael and lost the four. I feel that at my level, Terran has an advantage in our matchup. Simply because they can leave their mines and tanks and turrets alone for a short while and count on them defending themselves sorta okay. My units will happily stand still while tanks roll into range and setup siege without doing anything. I’ve reached the point where I am about to explode.

Oh well, but I do suck and I don’t mind admitting it. I could be way better at this game, but somehow that next level seems to always be on the horizon. I mean: I do improve, but only to encounter the next wall.

I have a temper and sometimes RL spills over into my gaming and sometimes gaming can help me relax. I can never tell which it is going to be, before I start a series of games.

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  1. Maybe you should play only terrans for about 10 games. I did the same against zerg and it helped me out a lot. I am much better against those bastards. Even my apm went up a bit.