Sunday, May 31, 2009

8th iCCup Ladder Season

Today apparently they are going to end the current ladder season on iccup. I found this interesting link about the current toprated players. I wonder who the rest are?

In the 8th season I succeeded in getting to D+ for the very first time. It took me 45 games which is a bit more than the optimum of around 8. I would like to set myself the goal for 9th season, to get to D+ a bit faster than in 45 games, but I don’t think it is realistic.

The problem of course, is that many very good players will be D too, at the start of the new season. I could wait a couple of months to get back into the game again, but I am not. I’ll be playing again very soon.

So my goal for next season is to get to D+ and stay there.

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