Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Yesterday I had the pleasure to play against a brand new player. A guy who had recently picked up Starcraft: Brood War in anticipation of the new game. When I got in contact with him, he had already played an amazing number of games on iC Cup. He had lost a lot but still seemed motivated.

So I played a couple of games against him and his openings was studied and his APM was relative high. I rapidly became very impressed with his attitude to the game.

In the end I won all the games because his tactical understanding was not on par with his enthusiasm and because his builds were not tight enough. After the games I sat back feeling both superior because I have come much further than him and happy that newcomers would pick up a game I like so much and seek out others to learn.


  1. Do these count in your 100 games?

  2. No, they do not count. I only count games on iC Cup. Games where there is something on the line.

  3. Hey, dude. I just recently got into Starcraft...............like............since 2 years ago. But I don't play very often. If you want to play a game on Bnet message me. My blog: