Saturday, February 28, 2009

Some bad loses and worse wins

Back in May I posted a status of my first 20 games on iC Cup. I was 5-15 and felt bad about it. I never really got around to another 20 consecutive games. That is until now.

Recently I've played another 20 and the result is the somewhat better 8-12. Not a huge improvement, but still significantly better than before. I've switched from Terran to Protoss In between the different series and I hope that is part of the reason.


I promised to post some of my recent stupid loses. Here are four games to compare and contrast.

So, dear readers, is there something for me to learn in the above games? Other than to pay attention and not fuck up the games. I clearly remember that in the two games I lost, I felt crowded and under pressure most of the time. Looking at the replay it does not seem so bad.

So what have I learned? Don't forget the second pylon. I do that too often. And don't forget to tech even when fast expanding. You need templars or reavers as early as your opponent.

So what is next on iC Cup for me? I don't know. I'd like to play a lot more, but I think they are going to reset the ladder pretty soon and I think I'll let it settle some before venturing out again.

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