Sunday, May 25, 2008

20 iC Cup games played

I have now played 20 games on iC Cup. It has been fun in the humiliating way. My stats so far are 5-15, meaning that I have lost exactly 75% of the games. Really depressing. My observations so far are:

  • I have a real problem in terran vs terran games. Especially if the opponent goes tanks very early. I prefer the vultures, but they don't really deal damage to tanks without their mines. I should reconsider vultures in TvT match-ups.
  • Terran vs protoss. What can I say? I've lost to the lone zealot charging me with a probe or two for support. That is ridiculous! I expect a protoss player to go straight for dragoons and I counter that with vultures and their spider mines. I suck at micro-manage my vultures and I think that the terran player has to do better with his micro management, than the protoss player. I've actually won one game where I did that, but only one.
  • Terran vs zerg. This is my favorite macth-up. I've won 38% of those games, so this is a success in Fafner's book of suckage.
    Those games have all been won against zerg players who teched to mutalisks to fast and where I succeded in taking their early expansion out. Zerg players don't like to defend. On the other hand, there are zerg players who prefer to go fast lurkers. This denies them a fast victory, but against players like me, they are much more likely to win.

I think I'll make it a recurring thing to post a status for every 20 games. I hope they get progressively less depressing. I wouldn't bet on it though. On iC Cup I am now rated a [D] with a rating of 1010. You start out with a [D] 1000, so I've more or less managed to keep my spot on the ladder. My ambitious goals for the next 20 games is to win around 30% and get a [D] 1200.

On the list of Danish players I'm ranked #73. A far cry from my #3 position (amongst Danes) after the first ladder season on Battle.Net, back in 1998. That is almost exactly 10 years ago!

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