Sunday, May 25, 2008

Drops and Raids

Here are two commonMutaRaid2 scenarios from my terran vs. zerg match-up. In the first one I successfully defend against a mutalisk-raid. This is actually not so common. I mean, that I defend against it. Usually it just runs me over. Pathetic!

The other screen shot shows some bastard, I don't remember who, finishing me off with a very early drop of lurkers. Look at the blood of my valiant defenders, killed by the lurkers' spines. What a way to die. LurkerDrop2

I really shouldn't have lost there. 8 years ago I would have seen it coming and put up a group of marines to intercept the overlords before the could unload their cargo of lurkers. Sigh. I have to learn that again it seems.

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