Sunday, March 8, 2009


I rarely gloat about my victories since they are few and often the result of me running into even suckier players than myself. I'll make an exception here though. In a moment of insanity Michael of Redusgaming had proclaimed that ofcourse he could beat me not just as Terran, but as Zerg and Protoss as well.

protossball First we played a Protoss vs Zerg on Longinus where I beat him up pretty badly despite the fact that I had never played the map before.

I did not defend properly against his mutalisks, but my counter was way more powerful than his raid on my minerals. Twice I got off psi-storms that would have made JangBi proud and the fact that his mutalisks hit were sitting still, was probably unrelated to my opponent not paying attention.

The second game was another glorious victory were I, playing as vultureharrasTerran, got to teach him a lesson in how his race of choice should be played. Or something like that ;-) At least I won after a really long game where my vulture raiding combined with him throwing tons of units away in a head on assult, sealed the deal.

Actually the last game holds a very important lesson, and that is to always prepare for vulture raids. Even a couple of canons at each expansion would have made the game a loss for me.

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  1. The staff of Gaming with Redus would like to congratulate you on your wins. We are reluctant to play again in hopes of our own 'payback'.

    For your own sake, we ask that you prepare yourself.