Thursday, February 26, 2009

APM Spam

I've suffered some stupid loses to Zerg on iC Cup recently and I decided to work on my mechanics a bit. First by playing the same build again and again against the computer. There is not really much opposition, but it gives me something to beat while I concentrate on my multitasking skills.


I've just finished my last such game and the game felt good. With some anticipation I went to bwchart to check out the result. An APM of 120 and most of the game slightly above the 100 APM mark. It is an improvement.

When playing a Zerg, I don't feel completely safe before I have my high templars and a couple of canons at each base. It is a balancing act to do stuff really fast while making sure to tech as well. Pumping low tech units is an easy way to get a high APM, but you need that aggressive tech build as well. I haven't tested this against a live opponent yet (Oh, sucky Zerg opponent; where are thou?), but it feels like it is almost there.


  1. lol spamming like that is only going to mess up the apm.

  2. Can you put a replay up of one of your stupid losses?

  3. Well, there is a lot of spamming initially, but my point is really that I stay above 100 most of the game.