Friday, June 20, 2008

GoogleBot owns me

So I have had a poll running on this blog for 20 odd days. 11 visitors voted and of those 3 claimed to be the Google Bot. Somehow I doubt it, but it really doesn't change much. The remaining 8 claimed to read the blog (of my Starcraft suckage), but I know they lie. The web statistics clearly shows that no one ever comes here. I even wonder how the votes was placed without even visiting the site!

Nah, I know some people visit, although far less than I had hoped. It is hard to start a new blog and gain an audience. I had hoped that my self deprecating style would attract readers, who don't really care about the game. Not many have taken the bait.

There are hardly any comments, although there is one I really like:

Nice blog. I would say that you can be a good writer seriously. Keep it up!

It was as an answer to my posting about the iC Cup. I hope more will follow.

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  1. Dude, three words (or one abbreviation): RSS