Friday, May 16, 2008

iC Cup

I've discovered iC Cup. Yeah I know, I should have done that years ago. IC Cup run their own server, which is probably an EULA violation and maybe even illegal. If you play on that, and use their special launcher, you are automatically ranked on their ladder and protected from most hacks. Their launcher verifies that no player is using hacks, they claim. I don't think it is a 100% guarantee, but it seems to work. The games at least, seems to have a different flow and people playing there are a lot nicer.

My first game on IC Cup was a zerg mirror match on Tau Cross. I don't know the map very well, but Zerg vs. Zerg is all about getting mutalisks first and dominate the sky. Hit and run, until you can out-produce the other and run him over. At least in theory it is simple.

I still suck, so he got his mutalisks first and attacked me. Luckily he sucked too, and his 5 mutalisks got destroyed by my anti-air spore colonies. Then my own mutalisks were done, and I counter attacked him without repeating his mistake.

So my first IC Cup game was a win, yahoo! I've only played three more games, which I all lost. So I still suck. No real change there... IC Cup has nice statistics on their website. There is nothing like seeing your defeats revealed to the entire world.


  1. faldt lige over en rigtig fed kamp og tænkte du måske gerne ville se den :)

  2. It is a very nice match-up you link to. My sympathies always lies with the terran player though, and seeing psi-storm being abused that much is hurtful to my eyes...

  3. Nice blog. I would say that you can be a good writer seriously. Keep it up!

  4. Well thank you Anonymous. I'll try to keep it up, but it is always nice with a bit of encouragement.

    If you'd only refer to my game as well as my writing, then everything would be perfect ;-)