Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I have a Fan ;-)

A few days ago I was idling in the chat channel "Brood War DNK-1" and got engaged in a chat with another player. He suggested that we play and I accepted. I don't think I had imagined that he wanted us to play against computer controlled opponents, but that was what he wanted. I thought it wouldn't be polite to refuse and so I stayed.

He was pretty bad I must admit, but I have always thought that it was fun to teach others a trick or two about the game. The situation is very similar to the days back when the game was first released. I now have a very, very young fan of me and my l337 Starcraft skillz. If he only know how far I am from my glory days!

But it is kinda funny how age matters very little when playing a game online. Sometimes a guy around 13 years can behave much more mature in a game chat channel, than others who are 10 or even 15 years older. I realized it back when I played Starcraft a lot and it still holds true.

I met players like AiurAdun back around 1999, and we still play from time to time. Then main difference being that I owned him back then in every single game we played and now it is the other way around, thanks to my current extreme suckage.

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  1. Sorry man, but you're not right.

    Feel free to visit:


    and their Strategy Forums,

    than stop bullshitting about building bunker right after your barracks in order to prevent Zerg from rushing you.