Thursday, June 19, 2008

2v2 games with an old friend

So I spent an evening with AiurAdun playing 2v2s on It was fun. Just like old times.

There is a trick to picking up games on today. You create a game, name it, and wait for other players to find it and join. People only joins certain types of games: Games on money maps, 3v3 games on Hunters and games suggesting that the game creator is not very good.

We don't play money maps and once a player joins a game he quickly finds out that the map is not hunters and that we don't allow more than 2 players on a team. So announcing a 3v3 on Hunters is out of the question if you want to play a 2v2 on Othello! This basically leaves you with the option of creating games named "2v2 N00bs!" and hope some easy prey shows up. The concept is still stupid, as those who join, usually, do not consider themselves new at the game, they are just hoping to find easy prey. It more or less works out the way that everyone fakes being a newbie and most lies!

But yesterday we played 4 games. And we won. We dominated. One opponent complained that his ally, a random pickup, was a newbie (I don't know what he expected, the game was called "2v2 N00bs!!!") and another complained too, stating the fact that AiurAdun and I was not the newbies we had claimed to be. That was true, but also the way works today.

Tonight on messenger AiurAdun and I talked about the games of yesterday. My opening lines was "Yesterday when we played it felt like old times. We were dominating left, right and center". He agreed but added: "True, but back then we were good!". A dry reminder that everyone sucks today compared to Starcraft's early days. Even us.


  1. Yeah it is always fun to relive those good old days, but still we show our lack of recent experiences especially when we play 2 vs 2 I don’t really have the same feel for what you are doing at what point in the game as I had, so I the teamwork doesn’t function quite as good, in those good old days I didn’t even have to keep my eye on my team mate because I basically knew what he where doing at all points of the game, now I constantly am surprised at what level tech you are at what unit combinations you got etc.

    But still it is fun and we did get some good “frags” 

  2. Join ICCup or other ladder. No problem with plaing 2v2 games on standard maps like LT, python, gods garden and others. Also evryone sees how good opponests are.

  3. Even the best zerg is now(according to suckish compared to Flash and Stork. Poor Zerg lol.