Wednesday, June 18, 2008

So I Suck at Poker

I haven't really been playing online poker in a long time. I had a brief stint as a low-level poker player, back when there was something called It no longer seems to be there.

Recently I discovered Tillerman's blog. He was once a top notch Starcraft (and later Warcraft III) player, but he, like many other western pros found out that playing poker was more lucrative. Finding his blog made me remember the good old days on Kali playing Warcraft II and then later transitioning to Starcraft. If he could make a killing at Poker, then so could I.

I created a new account at PokerStars. I don't know why I chose them -- I just did. I played a few games with fun-money and then entered a free roll tournament. I may suck at Poker, but it is nice to know, that so do many, many others

I may not be a pro like Tillerman, who confidently play the $2500/$5000 cash games, but in a free roll, I can be king too. In my first tournament I made it to the top 10% leaving more than 6000 players behind me. I admit that I then got bored an threw my stack away, yet again proving that I suck -- even at poker, where suckage seems to be pretty common.

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  1. Friend of mine just lost 70k over 2 months playing poker. Perhaps he sucks more :)