Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Others suck at Starcraft too

Some months ago I played a batch of one-on-ones against AiurAdun. I lost all the games and it was pretty humiliating, since back in the days I used to win most of our games. Since then we have mostly played team games against others, and I have been begging for a rematch against him -- just to prove that my training has paid of a little.

So last Sunday he let me have a go at it. He chose Blue Storm as the map. It was a map that neither of us knew really well, although it later was proved that I knew the map a little better than him. AiurAdun has always played Protoss, whereas I am a Terran wannabe. So the game was set.

I have never played Blue Storm much; I didn't like the map since it is very complicated and favors small units and drops. Terran tanks and even vultures have a hard time navigating and you basically have to micro manage every unit on its way to the front.

We both chose to do a fast expansion and teched up fast too. I had seen a game where Flash won by holding on to exactly half the map and letting his Protoss opponent attack up the ramp giving him the defensive advantage. I tried to do the same. Tanks on the center ramp protected by mine fields and the occasional vulture volley of grenades. I think AiurAdun tried to force his way past my forces 6 or maybe 7 times each time failing narrowly. It was a blast, although I can understand he got quite frustrated to all the zealots he lost in the mines.


There is something very satisfying about spider mines once you get a good amount of them. Even I can figure out using them when I got money and vultures enough and I had money flowing in from three bases most of the time.

There was also an incident where he succeeded in dropping two reavers in the mineral patch of my natural expansion, but he later lost his shuttle to some lucky fire from goliaths.

The rest of the game was basically a question of who gathered the most resources and in the end I did.

After the game there was the traditional complaints. The zealots didn't obey orders to stay out of the mines. Protoss vs Terrans is a hard match-up and so on. I'd be willing to repeat the game with me as Protoss and AiurAdun as Terran though. Just to see how that would play out!


  1. Gratz faffi. Beating Aiur is somehow always a satisfying experience :)

  2. Gibborama: Immensely satisfying. Need to do it again soon.

    And a replay is up PBT.

  3. Man this game was awesome! Good job on your win.