Thursday, August 9, 2012

A Counting Game

For a while I have been counting my win. I don’t care too much about achievements in game, but I am kinda looking forward to my 500th win as Zerg on the 1v1 ladder.  I don’t know why, but I am.

At the moment I am at 298 wins and I’ll probably reach 300 tonight. I also know my velocity, which is around 50 wins a season. That should guarentee the 500th win about 4 seasons.

But there is a catch: I pretty much assume there will be separate ladders for Wings of LIberty and Hearth of the Swarm. And so the question becomes, will we have another 4 seasons before HOTS is released? I don’t really think so, which puts me under some kind of pressure.

If I didn’t suck at the game I could simply improve my win rate. Then I would get there sooner with the same number of games  ;–). I don’t think that will happen though…


  1. If I recall correctly, as long as you win you'll just receive harder opposition until you are the best in the world.

    Otoh, should you loose, they'll see to it that you get easier opponents.

    So assuming you'll have a winrate of about 50% regardless, then the only way to increase the number of wins is to play more games.

  2. Btw. someone said that one of the top eu terrans had made 10.000 wins. Thats 17 a day :)

  3. If what you write is true then Fafner would greatly increase his winrate by chosing a faster game with the same odds ... like coin toss