Saturday, August 11, 2012

Streaming Sucky Games

I’ve been playing around with xsplit and twitch settings a lot and finally made my stream work. The key breakthrough as actually been something so simple as to clean out the fan attached directly on my aging HD4870 graphics card. Yeah I suck at cleaning up my computer cabinet too.

In order to celebrate this amazing feat, I’ve redesigned my stream logo.


The channel is located at . Go Subscribe if you want to have a cheap laugh at my expense.

Just to show how amazingly bad my play can be, check out this recording where I can’t even select the correct race and end up playing as Protoss.


  1. omg thats fantastic!

  2. Npt at all, even your lack of confidence is cute, i subscribed to livestream, and even watched once, big long time fan, but its hard with time, i would totaly prefere youtuube. Still if some day will be able to watch sure will!