Friday, July 20, 2012

Managing Your Temper

I find that not letting wins and loses get to you is one of the most important things you have to accomplish. Not letting the loses get to you is obvious, but the wins can get you too! I think having a plan to each matchups and being able to modify it to match the map you are playing is the trick.

After a couple of loses it is easy to get angry and then you start gambling. I.e. you’ll not play safe enough hoping to get ahead by cutting corners or you’ll over defend all set on not getting wiped out early. Either will cause you more loses.

Winning a lot builds confidence and suddenly you are not playing against an opponent, but just by yourself. And something this opponent does may be totally unexpected and even if you did see it coming, you did nothing to handle it since you were mentally in a whole other game.

The important thing is to treat each game as a new game. Being alert and aware of the signs you see from your opponent as well as sticking to your plan.


  1. Sometimes you can't help it though, especially if you have a stressful job you go to every day eh?


    But fuck that. Loosing should hurt like hell! :D

    Show me a good looser and I'll show you a looser.

  3. I don't think you are talking about the same thing. If it hurts too much to lose, then you will be unable to play your best in the next game and then you'll lose more for sure.

  4. But that is a short run observation. In the long run you will focus more on winning, if you hate loosing. You will analyse more, wonder more, lie awake at night more and so on.

  5. If you focus on play action it self win or loss become same thing, because you have hundreds of wins and losses in every little action like got the timing or lost scouting drone etc. Wining or losing entire game becomes just destiny u have no control of while at same time you are always incontrol of your actions. Just like life. If you focus on wining you are going nowhere, you cant control other players, you cant stop them from improving and being better, frustration kicks in and negative stress r esponse locks you down in noob4ever zone. Most guys just quit playing 1v1, that is just sad. I never had such issues and won cash in torneys, because even im lazy, tired and want just mess around i still play 1v1, even i go lazymode and play with mouse only and do terrible macro, i still improve my zergling control even i get roflstomped. Wining!

  6. I've taught Starcraft modding at iD Tech Camps, and we have to work to keep our kids from getting too frustrated. Your point about treating each game as a new one is good, and not changing strategies based on a single lost.