Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Season 7 Results

Something happened to my ZvT and ZvP in season 7. And not something good. It is kind of embarrassing, but if it wasn’t for my solid ZvZ I would probably be crying.


I blame the new maps that have come with the last couple of seasons. The only one I liked was Korhal Compound and now it seems as if that too has gone from season 8. Nasty.

I guess I really need help in the two other matchups. Unfortunately I don’t know any accomplished platinum level Protoss and Terrans on EU to practice against. It is a bit of problem, but I suppose I have to study some pro-players and make their builds work for me too.

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  1. I remember you having issues with ZvP a while ago - that they would just sit back on 2 bases until their deathball was ready and then proceed to kill you despite you being on 5 bases and having 5k in the bank. Did you ever come up with a solution to that problem?