Sunday, November 13, 2011

Another Run From the Bottom

This season I’m trying to make another run from bronze and up. I still have no clue as to how a Zerg beats a good Protoss, but right now I am trying to side step that problem by working my way up and learning from the experience.

Getting my alternate account to bronze was not a problem, but I probably should have settled on silver instead. For now I have played and won about 75 games in bronze and still not really started to meet any silver players. I kinda think that the system is punishing me for intentionally getting into bronze.

In fact I think my behavior is wrong and that Blizzard should do something to prevent yoyo-ladder players. Players that one day is in a high league, then has an amazingly long losing streak followed by an equally long winning streak.

Another phenomenon I think is messing up the ladder are the portrait hunters. People in bronze that have 3000 wins and no game longer than 5 minutes. They are clearly either win-trading or something similar. I hate to think about what this does to the gaming experience of someone who really is bronze level.


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  2. I wonder if by losing so many games, you plunged your MMR far below what even a brand new bronze player has - so you had a long way to go before would give you silver players. Congrats btw on finally making it to silver :)

    As a lowly silver player, I hadn't thought that some of the people I'm playing against are actually upper level players yoyoing or smurfing. I suppose in that case, I wouldn't mind so much if they told me and didn't waste too much time killing me off...

    At least by being in the US, I won't have to worry about getting trounced by you online :)

    I do wonder - if you're trying to figure out Zerg, wouldn't it be better to practice against players at your level than squash noobs? Or do people pretty much play all the same styles up in Gold/Plat/Diamond?

  3. Yeah, I am not quite sure what has happened. I haven't actually met that many silver players yet. It went something like this: 60 wins against bronze players, 8 against silvers, 2 against gold and about 5 vs. platinum players. Then a promotion to Platinum.

    I guess I went to far down. The purpose was to get some practice of my mechanics against lower level players. But not quite this low :-).

    Oh, and I might move to the US, so don't feel to secure :-).

  4. Hehe, I see I'm commenting right as you're approving comments! Feel free to delete the duplicate comment I made in a previous post :)

    When you get an NA account, we'll have to play a game or something - that would be great to meet a blog friend in sort-of-person :)

  5. Will do. And the promotion was to silver only. Tired now. It is late here in Europe :-). And I am up watching Ret losing to Hero.