Sunday, November 20, 2011

Getting Predictable

Most games goes like this:

  1. Drone and scout
  2. Expand
  3. Tech to Lair
  4. Expand
  5. Get Spire
  6. Tech to Hive
  7. Double Expand
  8. Get Greater Spire
  9. Max
  10. Attack

The steps are basically just interrupted by making exactly enough units to survive what ever my opponent has and maybe some harassing as well. But the predictable thing is that everything revolves around the target for a greater spire.

The two reasons this is so single-track like is the need for air defense coupled with how hard the Ultralisk blows. A 1-1-1 from a Terran requires Mutalisks or extreme luck. Anything that includes either Void Rays or Collosi requires air units too. Hydralisks are nice as a supplement, but they are fragile and slow.

Even Zerg, which for the longest time was just roach/infestor battles have turned more and more towards Muta/ling battles. Not quite the same as the two other matchups, but close enough for it to feel a little stale.


  1. It seems like mutas and harassment or at least counter-attacks are critical for zerg.

    Seems like all my Zerg wins are comebacks of some sort - the deathball is on it's way or at my doorstop, and my harassment pulls it back home.

    Do you ever win fights head on? Does roach/infestor work at all vs. Terran/Protoss?

  2. Head on fights can only be won if your advantage is overwhelming.

  3. I am not that great at the game, just getting into it but I am reading through a StarCraft 2 game guide that is actually pretty helpful. All the wins I have had so far I've dominated almost the entire game.