Saturday, December 11, 2010

What is up with Terrans?

Lately I’ve been experiencing something very weird in Protoss vs Terran. Pushing out with marines, marauders and a lot of SCVs seems to have become really popular.

It doesn’t even feel that threatening. You just have to survive that one attack and then you’ve basically won.


Once you’ve experienced this once or twice, handling it seems very easy. Attacking up the ramp is a bad idea even with SCVs. I wonder why they even try.


  1. Terrans dont seem so scary anymore do they? I keep seeing mass marine pushes. I think non Terrans are finally figuring out how and where to properly fight them.

    Sentries are so good for defending that ramp!

    The one thing that makes me want to punch a kitten is those dang Early Banshee pushes. Its so hard to determine what the Terran is doing when hes walled himself in. Its like you HAVE to get an Observer in just to get basic scouting done.

  2. What a joke!! 'I suck at starcraft'. Dude! You're in the diamond league. What a troll blog. There is no way anyone will take this seriously. Ever! - "I'm in the bronze league and I suck at starcraft maybe I can find like minded people to help me at getting better at this game. I know, I'll google that and see when I can find. Oh, here's an interesting blog. Maybe this person can help. WWWAATT!! He's in the diamond league and he thinks he sucks at starcraft." I'll just kill myself now.

  3. Trust me, there is a huuge difference between being in Diamond and being at the top of the game. Back when I started this blog I was playing Brood War on iCCUp and never got past D+ level. Basically the equivalent of silver in the current system.

    In the current Diamond League there exist a similar distribution of skill level. I'm around 1400 points atm, and the skill gap up to 3000 is gigantic. So yes, I still think I suck at this game.

    I realize that there has been a huge influx of new players who are in sub-diamond leagues. On some level you may be worse at the game, but on the other hand you still have all the easy things to learn. I really believe that anyone who wants to can improve to the level required to get into Diamond (assuming enough effort is put into it and it obviously helps to have someone help you out).

    It is when you get to Diamond improving becomes tough.

  4. I enjoy your blog :) I wouldn't take anything he says too seriously. He was too cowardly to attach a name, so he left it Anonymous.

    There is always room to improve anyones game no matter what level you play at. Obviously people enjoy reading the blog as many people are active in discussions.

  5. the "foxer" moves they are...

  6. always bring 1 emp readied ghost when doing this