Sunday, December 26, 2010

How to Improve at Starcraft

I’ve been looking a replays from the Silver league a lot these last two days and I am really amazed at what I saw. I actually think the level of play in the lower leagues have become quite high compared to all the junk you read about on forums and the like.

I was looking around for a particularly obnoxious and condescending post on, but was not able to find the one I had in mind. Here is another one though, that tries to outline the difference between players in the different leagues.

I’m not so sure. My impression on the Silver league games I’ve seen so far is, that people are honestly trying to play the game right. They apply sound reasoning and do not rely on cheesy 1-base strategies too much. They actually do that far less compared to what I see in Diamond and I think it is because they don’t realize how powerful a punch they could deliver to their opponent when he is weak.

Many games in Silver are played partially blind. As a Terran you should really consider sacrificing one MULE in three in order to scan your opponents base. It would free you from preparing defenses against Void Rays that never comes and so on.

You can read countless of postings on how you should make more workers. That is sound advice, but often not really the problem it is made up to be. What is the purpose of making more workers, when the fundamental problem is that money is not being spend? There seem to be a tacit understanding that your economy grows linearly and to some extend it does. That means that when you are on one base you should gradually add on production facilities, but when you expand you should know, that 2 minutes from now your economy is going to boom.

I’ve tried to convince people that when they expand they should also add on at least 3 to 4 new production facilities. That is something that will help out most silver-players.


  1. I think the major reason people are told to build many workers is because if you can keep a constant production of workers going it helps you remember and speeds your actions up as starcraft "slows down" around you. When I started doing this my apm doubled.

    I had to do so many matches just in Vs. AI to get build orders right and to see how much my one or two base could handle before I had too many production capabilities. Now my issue is managing that scouting probe and getting useful information while reacting to my opponent in a meaningful way. The quality of my opponents unit composition has gone up as Im facing more and more "platinum level" opponents who use strategies based on the pros we all watch. For example, I had my first Muta-Ling opponent the other day, I tried remembering what Huk did, but its so hard if you dont have that higher apm.

  2. I think my point was, that many low level players actually know that they have to make workers. The next problem is to spend the money that they make.

    Scouting is important too. I tried to teach a friend a couple of ways to identify whether a Protoss was going Void Rays or not. But scouting is really of a secondary concern compared to just having a ton of units :-)

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