Monday, December 27, 2010

Dealing with Cheese

There are a lot of annoying cheeses around in Starcraft. The first one as well as the sequel. As a player you have to deal with cheesy plays all the time. On option would be to be angry about it a rage-quit the game all together. Another option is to overcome that particular challenge.

Void Rays are a nuisance on the lower levels. Hell, I suck in Diamond and even I have problems when I am surprised by a couple of these nasty units!
One way of dealing with this threat is to ignore that cheeses are there and just try to figure out to beat them on your own or with the help of friends who have already figured it out.

I chose a different option: During the beta and a good part of the time right after release, I did all the cheeses I could. I Void Ray rushed as Protoss, Banshee rushed as Terran and 6-pooled as Zerg. I got some wins on this, especially in the beginning, but quite fast I encountered people who took it upon themselves to show me that my cheesy plays – and me by extension – sucked.

Having my nice Void Ray rush defeated countless times is not a nice feeling. On the other hand I now had the replays so I could learn from my opponents what I should do when I encounter a cheese myself. Problem (partially) solved.

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