Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Welcome to the Bronze

Yesterday I did something that I probably shouldn’t be too proud of. I created a new account on using one of the free guest passes you got when you bought Starcraft 2. My goal was to lose about 10 games in a row, get placed low in Bronze and then see how far I could go from there in one setting.

This is kinda low, especially considering how I have whined about pros abusing newbies: Like here back in November 2009.


The closest I can come to a noble purpose is, that I have been trying to help out a couple of friends improve and an important part of it is really to know what they are facing in the lower leagues.

I lost my 5 placement matches by SCV-rushing with my 6 initial SCVs. After the two initial loses I had to take care not to win doing this, which says something about how low the level of play can be. 10 straight loses brought Battle.nets expectations of me to an absolute low.

After that I turned on my live stream and tried to win for real. Unfortunately I was unaware of what some of the hotkeys did and the two first sections of the stream got pretty messed up (They are here: 1, 2 and the last one which is okay here 3).

I got 16 wins in a row after that and learned a few things along the way. First of all: The cheese that many people in Bronze experience is entirely due to them being too passive. I was unable to sit back and wait for a cheese to happen, so I saw almost none of it. The first 5-8 games were against really bad players, but after that the level of play improved dramatically.

I finally got a real loss as my game #27 of the night. The loss was kinda stupid and probably due to me being careless rather than my opponent being insanely good.

The series was the first time I have played Terran on the 1v1 ladder. It took me at least 15 games to get the basic build-order down, but Terran seem to be a fun race to play.

Download Replay Pack here.

(To be continued ?)


  1. hey so u are starcraft gosu and i wanted u to ask broodwar question, i cant play multiplayer cause of having internet restricted to 80 port, anyways so i stuck to singleplayer(thanks to you got entrophy mod!), and i am total noob, but have a question! i have seen pro videos and i notice they play on fastest game speed setting, this is annoying cause when playing single player games there is no options to set it permanently and i have to set it manualy every time i start a game, so my question do pros and not so pros play always on fastest setting? and how to set it permanently if its possible?

  2. There is no way to permanently set Brood War on fastest. Personally I find it annoying to change the game speed after having started the single player skirmish game, so I create a local multiplayer game against the computer, invite computer players and set the game speed before starting the game. Then I start the game.

    And yeah, everybody are playing at fastest in Brood War.

  3. thank you mister Fafner!

    i enjoy your writing style a lot! play hard go pro!

  4. Thanks, that means a lot to me.